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Be-atle Fun (lots of slashiness)

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I'm back with more Beatles entertainment. :P Um, so before we proceed, I want to say that one of these macros could be offensive to some people (I think you'll know which one). But I want to say as a disclaimer that I absolutely love John and feel very sad about him not being here... But I also can't pass up an opportunity for some dark humor, and I daresay he'd appreciate the attempt. I hope so, anyway. So yeah. Don't be mad. :)

Some mildly amusing offerings

So, I don't even know if there are funny, or if much of anyone checks this community anymore, but what the hell. :P I hope this post gives you a few giggles, and hopefully the first macro isn't too obscure for some of you.

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Python x-over

I know, the joke's been done to death...

...but his expression was too good to pass up! :P


C'mon, the whole video is like this!
roflbot picture

I got bored. There's more fuckery under the cut. Also, all these pictures are from Tumblr, on the "fuckyeahjohnlennon" page, which, all by itself, was enough to bring proper lulz <3

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Yes, I have too much spare time


More under the cut (including another fart joke, I'm afraid)

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I hear it's Paul's birthday

Just one in honour of Sir Paul's 68th birthday.  Let's all bask in the wonder of his posterior (1966 vintage), which may be a bit more wrinkly nowadays but I'm sure it's still very nice indeed.